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FreeNAS® uses Trac, an open source bug reporting system, to manage bug reports and feature requests submitted by users. You can search for existing bugs and submit a bug report at

If you find a bug while using FreeNAS® or if you would like to request a feature in an upcoming version, take the time to research your bug/feature before submitting your bug report. This is so that you don't end up duplicating an existing report and to ensure that your report contains the information that the developers need in order to implement the fix or the feature.

Before submitting a bug report, perform the following steps:

  • determine if you are running the latest release of FreeNAS®. FreeNAS® developers tend to fix bugs rapidly and new features are being implemented as FreeNAS® matures. If you are not running the latest version, it is quite likely that the bug has already been fixed or the missing feature has been implemented. If this is the case, your best course of action is to backup your data and configuration and perform an upgrade to the latest version.
  • if you are running the latest version, use the search feature at to see if a similar report/request already exists. If one does, do not create another ticket. Instead, add a comment to the existing ticket if you have additional information to add.

If a similar report does not already exist, keep the following points in mind when you create your bug report or feature request:

  • you will need to register for an account, confirm you registration email address, and be logged in before you can create a new ticket.
  • in the Summary section shown in Figure 14.2a, include descriptive keywords that describe your problem or feature request. This is useful for other users who search for a similar problem. You can also include a comma separated list of keywords in the Keywords section.
  • in the Description section, describe the problem, how to recreate it, and include the text of any error messages. If you are requesting a feature, describe the benefit provided by the feature and, if applicable, provide examples of other products that use that feature or the URL of the homepage for the software. If you would like to include a screenshot of your configuration or error, check the "I have files to attach to this ticket" box.
  • under Type, select defect if it is a bug report or enhancement if it is a feature request.
  • for bug reports, be sure to select the version of FreeNAS® that you are using.
  • press the Preview button to read through your ticket before submitting it. Make sure it includes all of the information that someone else would need to understand your problem or request. Once you are satisfied with your ticket, click the Create Ticket button to submit it.
  • if you get stuck in how to fill out a field in the ticket, the TracTickets link at the bottom of the ticket creation page has several examples.

Figure 14.2a: Creating a New Ticket


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