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The following features were introduced in version 8.3.1:

  • GELI full disk encryption is now available when creating ZFS volumes. This is full disk encryption and not per-filesystem encryption. This type of encryption is primarily targeted at users who store sensitive data and want to retain the ability to remove disks from the pool without having to first wipe the disk's contents. Read the section on Encryption to determine if it meets your requirements.
  • When extending an existing ZFS volume, the user will receive a warning message if the vdev being added is of a different size or type from the existing vdevs in the pool.
  • The ability to specify the MAC address to the Plugins Jail. If not specified, the MAC address used by the jail changes each time the FreeNASĀ® system reboots. Manually setting the MAC address is recommended if you are using port forwarding or MAC address security within the network.
  • Since multiple interfaces in the same subnet is not recommended in FreeBSD, the GUI only allows the creation of one interface per subnet.
  • Support for the Marvell 88SE9220/9230/9235 PCIe 2.0 x2 6Gbps SATA controllers.
  • When using the "Destroy Snapshot" button, the snapshot is now destroyed recursively. This prevents ZFS snapshots from persisting past their configured Lifetime value.
  • Since a colon is not a valid character for a user's home directory, the GUI will not allow this character in the "Home Directory" field of Users.
  • When pasting your own SSL certificate in the SSL Tab, the certificate is automatically tested to verify that it is in the proper format. If it is not, the system will fall back to HTTP in order to allow access to the GUI.
  • When editing a volume's disk, a reboot is no longer required after making a change to the HDD Standby, Advanced Power Management, or Acoustic Level settings.
  • Add the following fields to Active Directory: Domain Controller, Global Catalog Server, Kerberos Server, Kerberos Password Server, AD Timeout, and DNS Timeout.
  • Add the isci(4) driver for Intel C600 SAS HBAs.
  • Add ZFS ARC stats to top(1).
  • Improve detection of the default interface, which improves connectivity to the Plugins jail.
  • Add the iconv capability to rsync to support character set conversion.
  • Fix a bug that prevented users or groups from being deleted with UTF-8 characters in the name.
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