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The following features were added in 9.1.0:

  • Based on FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE which adds many drivers and features from FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE and the upcoming FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE.
  • New ZFS feature flags have been added. This includes LZ4 which is now the recommended compression algorithm.
  • The GUI interface has been redesigned to make it easier to view multiple entries. Click on an entry to activate the buttons associated with that entry.
  • The graphical administrative interface is now available over IPv6 and the WebGUI IPv6 Address and WebGUI Port can be specified in System → Settings → General.
  • The ability to boot into a debug version of the kernel has been added to System → Settings → Advanced.
  • Init/Shutdown Scripts has been added to the GUI so that commands and scripts can be configured to run at system startup and shutdown.
  • The ability to enable netwait and specify a Netwait IP list has been added to Network → Global Configuration.
  • ZFS Volume Manager has been re-designed to make it easier to configure multiple disks and to be more intuitive when extending a volume or adding a log or cache device.
  • You can now set the record size when creating a ZFS dataset.
  • Services → Directory Services → NIS has been added to the GUI.
  • Services → Directory Services → NT4 has been added to the GUI.
  • Several more providers have been added to Dynamic DNS.
  • File extents and device extents have been combined into Services → iSCSI → Extents.
  • Asynchronous mode has been removed from NFS.
  • You can now specify the NFS bind ports.
  • Fields have been added to SSH to specify the SFTP logging level and facility.
  • The "UPS Mode" and "Monitor User" fields have been added to UPS.
  • Plugins no longer require the user to configure a jail first as the installation of the first plugin will automatically create and configure a default jail.
  • A browser has been added to the Plugins system, allowing a user to easily search for and install existing FreeNAS® PBIs.
  • For advanced users who prefer to have more control over software installation, a Jails icon has been added to the GUI.
  • The jails system has been redesigned to support the creation of multiple jails, multiple types of jails, and IPv6 connections to jails.
  • Before installing any jails, one is forced to select the volume/dataset to use as the Jail Root and to select the network address range where the jails will reside.
  • The only required option for creating a jail is to set its name.
  • Jails support the installation of software using FreeNAS® PBIs, PC-BSD 9.x PBIs, FreeBSD pkgng packages, and FreeBSD ports.
  • Shell now supports resizing of the shell window and paste operations.
  • Alerts now contain a checkbox, allowing the administrator to hide unneeded alerts from the display.
  • The zilstat utility has been added to make it easier to determine if the system would benefit from a dedicated ZIL device.
  • Easy-RSA has been added to the base, making it easier to configure OpenVPN.
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