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FreeNAS® 9.2.1 fixes this list of bugs and introduces the following features:

  • NFS with ZFS performance changes which provide noticeable (up to 40%) improvement.
  • Update django to 1.6 and dojo to 1.9.2.
  • Updated the LSI 6G HBA driver (mps) to version 16. Users of the mps driver should update their firmware to phase 16.
  • Added the experimental LSI 12G SAS driver as a module which can be enabled by adding a tunable with a "Variable" of mpslsi3_load and a "Value" of YES. This driver is for beta testing and is only available for 64-bit systems. For production use, consider using a 6G SAS adapter, such as the LSI 9207.
  • Samba has been updated to Samba 4.1.3. This adds support for SMB3, which is enabled by default, the ability for FreeNAS® to be a Windows Domain Controller, advanced features like server-side copy support in Windows 2008 and later, and multiple years worth of improvements over the version of Samba that shipped in 9.2.0.
  • Switched from Avahi to mDNSResponder for Zeroconf network configuration, improving the Mac share browsing experience.
  • A "Serial Port Address" field has been added to System → Settings → Advanced, allowing you to specify a serial port address other than COM1.
  • IPMI has been added to Network. This will only appear if the system has IPMI hardware and the IPMI driver is loaded.
  • The 8.x volume manager can now be accessed from the "Manual setup" button of ZFS Volume Manager. Since a manual setup allows for the creation of non-optimal volumes and contains no anti-footshooting logic, it is meant for advanced users who know exactly what they are doing and understand the ramifications of creating non-optimal volumes. It is instead recommended to use disks of the same size and to let ZFS Volume Manager create a volume that has been optimized for redundancy and capacity.
  • "Initialize Safely" has been removed for now from ZFS Volume Manager as the time needed for this action to complete can be significant.
  • "Compression" and "Compression Ratio" columns have been added to the View Volumes screen.
  • Added the ability to use a keytab for AD joins in Active Directory. This eliminates the need to use the AD Administrator account to join FreeNAS® to AD and closes a long standing issue of needing the AD Admin password in the FreeNAS® configuration database.
  • Domain Controller has been added as a Directory Service and can be used to configure FreeNAS® as a Domain Controller. In order to configure this service, it must first be selected in the System → Settings → General → Directory Service drop-down menu.
  • By default, NFS UDP support is disabled as it confuses some clients. A "Serve UDP NFS clients" checkbox has been added to NFS to override this default.
  • Reporting has been divided into tabs to make it easier to view reports by type of activity.
  • Added graphs to Reporting that show individual disk activity.
  • Per-jail sysctl values can now be specified when creating or editing a Jail.
  • The trafshow command line utility has been added which can be used to view connections to the FreeNAS® system.
  • The hptraidconf command line utility has been added for HighPoint storage controllers management.
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