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Hmmm, i am not shure, whether i am right here. Just want to tell about a possible improvement of the format for the table of contents. Talking about V9.2.1.

The level 4 headlines (eg are shown with the same indentation as the level 2 headlines. This is somewhat confusing when reading through the TOC. Please indent the level 4 headlines so that they begin to the right of the level 3 headlines. It would also be more readable, if the headline number would not be part of the link, just as the level 3 headlines.

But nevertheless very good work.


Just a heads up that the upcoming 9.2 docs are changing to HTML format. A preview can be seen at and once there is a landing page for switching to previous docs, this wiki will be retired. For previous doc versions, use the PDF version which does have a better formatted ToC.

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